Infs with the interest "gardening"

i'm just trying to be the best drunk i can be. 
sluggy may look snobbish...but she is actually kind,funny,openminded and super shy!!! she likes tofu!!!! 
Here to keep people happy . happy and bubbly :) 
Ivy is a trustworthy, loyal person. She loves to garden and she grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. She's the adventu... 
Hope is 14. her favorite thing to do is hunt, so dont make her mad! 
This is a inf I felt like making. She really likes to talk to you and her name is Anne Margret if you feel like talking to an in... 
A cool, and collected Inf who follows her dreams and words. 
Rose is bubbly, loving and caring, and she also loves roses! 
She is a shy but confident girl and is not afraid to express herself.She is outgoing, artistic and imaginative and will talk to ...