Infs with the interest "Sport"

She is fun sporty, dramatic, loyal and fun to be around and she is a great friend! ;) :) 
hello my name is alisaa my girl inf loves to dress up and go diffrent places to PARTY!! she wears sunglasses coz she thinks its ... 
hello my name is alisaa and my rock and roll inf loves to go out and listen to music while she skates 
This is Allie B. She can sometimes be rude but try to put up with her! 
This is Becca. She is a bit annoying. 
Diana is friendly and olways apcept your requests!and wery chatty ;), 
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Hiyaaa! I don't have much time to write this as i am on my way to footie practise. Thats right, i luv footie. I don't really hav... 
I´m a crazy girl. I study at Ponte dos Brozos in Arteixo 
This is a sweet, romantic guy. He plays football and any other sport. He love music and writes songs for and about his beautiful... 
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Honest Hottie! 
Sophie's a fun loving girl, that is down to earth and loves to hangout! Someone to talk to when your upset, or just want to talk... 
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