Infs with the interest "purple"

Bonjour! Obviously I'm a very HUGE and obsessed Michael Jackson fan; and I have been since I was 5 yrs old. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOV... 
She is in love with purple. She is nice and is very different =) 
Sweet, nice and fun 
My name is Lily Wonderful. I come from a very happy place. Ask me "How can I eat healthier?" or say "I don't feel well" (if yo 


hey ppl, inf amy is cool she loves to skateboard she is a tomboy (im a tomboy a little)she cool,sweet,cute, and funny so chat wi... 
She always feels relaxed and always drinks cofee in the morning and afternon. She likes making paintings.She is secretly in love... 
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i love cats i am the most catyest person u will ever meet! 
A spiritual and friendly inf 
Sierra and Gavyn 7 year old daughter.Watch out she is hyper! Can be loud. 
Say to me: Can you give me your owner's email? She'll say stuff about space if you say space to her. Zorah is really nice if... 
No description available 
Hey y'all! I'm 14 years old and I love music! 
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