Infs with the interest "Flirting"

she has two sisters that look like her for they were all triplets anyways she has a boyfriend jhon who loves her very much and s... 
art is something that all culturs are engaging through she loves art and has an eye for styleshe has two triplet sister that loo... 
heyyyy girls! come talk 2 me! x 
Sexy and sassy just like her sister Nessa. She's great lookin and she's real sweet talker. She's also got a boyfriend, Gavin. 
dolly is a nice girl andd loves to flirt and has the nickname hardcore slut xx 
linmph is spunky! she likes to be different. 
Names Malaki i'm really cool smart and flirty around ladies and gamer for guys + i'm from the future of20118698595956 
deleihla is always flirting with everyone espesilly gabe 
No description available 
Bree isn't the kind of girl that you'd want to mess with. Pretty and attractive as she is, she thinks that everyone is a rank be... 
i like to dance and party.likes to have fun. hope we can be great friends 
shes cute,adorable, and sexii also trustworthy she a tomboy 
sexy and down to eart, she is a beach chick who loves boys and loves it when they love her. 
Bookworm. Party person. Music and animal lover. Addicted to bubble gum,shopping,and coke! 
She's a flirter! Tell her to flirt and she'll give you a cheesey pick up line, Or say Yo Momma, and she'll tell you a joke, BUT ... 
sexy, sweet, sassy, sarcastic . 
She Is Rude But Don't Worry The Other Girls are sweeter than sugar. 
Hi. My name is Britney. I am friends with Allie and I have a crush on Lester. They're both infs, like me. I hope that one day, L... 
Keichii is 17 year old boy who likes to chat and flirt with people.He likes to cook and can be very sweet sometimes ;3 
starlin is a male model,football player,life guard and spends most of his time relaxin at the beach,or playing sports,he also lo...