Infs with the interest "the Internet"

Kayla is an avid gamer who spends most of her time on the computer. When she's not gaming, she's networking online or watching m... 
Goth who models for dress up games 
She like shopping and going to the beach. Her favorite color is red. 
Shizuku is a half-Japanese girl who likes anime and manga. Not really much to say about infs, =S But enjoy talking with her. 
Edwina is overshadowed by her girly, preppy, smart, twin sister, Eddi 
Likes a lot of random things, is nice to anyone who is nice to her. 
I hate dancing and singing infront of people but I don't dislike people who do like it. I believe that friends are important and... 
This is an inf made to be exactly like me! 
A cool, and collected Inf who follows her dreams and words. 
internet star!