Infs with the interest "Guitars"

Hes a bitch with a bad attitude no use talking to him he will haunt you in your dreams----------------------cosplay time 
odd girl 
I'm fun and caring. I like to talk to people too! Come chat with me, I'm sure you will enjoy it. 
She's rather disturbed, but don't worry, her bark is way worse than her bite- as long as your on her good side. 
Emma is a super cute fun-loving inf that gets happier easily and is well at solving problems. She is also quite brainy, i suppos... 
She is a fairy who likes music.She sometimes comes to Earth to go to music concerts 
HEEEY =D I'm meguro . Nice to meet you =3 Im a famous j-rocker andim in love with a certain girl calles sabö. Yees yees she s to... 
Has a girlfriend named Star and he rocks at the guitar 
This is miku! Ask her dislikes! you might find something in common :D She has a funny joke to share hope ya enjoy bye 
She loves singing and playing guitar. She dances occasionally. She also has an accent, if you can't tell. 
Neivel is the brother of Roxy.He has the same personality of Roxy.Instead he likes bats! 
Handsome.... Great singer.... great person!