Infs with the interest "TV"

Sexy Dude, Half Naked is so inappropriate, we don't want to talk about it. Some bad things he does are: he thinks he is sooooo c... 
An amazing friend, kind , thoughtful , polite , cheeky , cute , easy to get on with , writes novels , married , pregnant , lovab... 
This is Brian. He's a cool American senior in high school. He's the hippest kid you'll meet. :) 
The coolest geek you'll ever meet! 
im amazing to talk to, and welcome to answer questions dont get tooo personal! 
I´m a student at C.E.I.P. Ponte Dos Brozos. 
I´m a student, an I live in La Coruña. 
My inf Is awesome she's 5ft4 she's a goofy girl soooo not a girly girl.Oh yea click on my Inf click I tell you!! she laughs!! :)... 
funny loves dancing and swimming and disney world and reading and most of all TV AND FAMILY! 
Sweet, nice and fun 
I am very nice to talk to and I love my husband, Robert and my girls Sabrina ( the oldest ) and Sadie ( the youngest ). 
I´m student at CEIP Ponte Dos Brozos 
hiiii im a derp! well not really but still you get the point right right? okay then! 
Sophia was named after my kitten. Sophia is friendly and loves to chat. She hopes to get a lot of friends and become really popu... 
Funny and beautiful. 
A total couch potato, the TV is her first love, but sometimes/occasionally, she tries her best to become more active. 
My inf is 16 and has lots of sis's and bro's she is prbaly the pinkieest!!! 
hi im eitan and i love tech stuff 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
my inf is a rocker she is loveable and can make you laf no matter wat ur going throo she is a great person to talk too and kool ...