Infs with the interest "Art"

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A very intelligent inf who loves learning and writing. She wants to become a novelist and child psychiatrist so she may help kid... 
Kate is a musician and an artist. She attends The Academy of Fine Arts with Stacey, Lacy, Christian, Ian, Jake, and Jamie. She... 
An amazing friend, kind , thoughtful , polite , cheeky , cute , easy to get on with , writes novels , married , pregnant , lovab... 
She every sweet despite her look 
ADD TORI AND VOTE FOR HER PLEASE My Inf loves being the center of attention, but she is a really nice person. she is sassy,... 
She is a very calm person and loves talking to her new friends.And she loves cooking for them as well.SShe has a boyfriend call... 
Chloe is nice, friendly, and if you be her friend, she will try her best to let the friendship last forever long! 
Very friendly. 
she is very into art and music. she is a student at art college and is fun and rebellious 
My site: And my russian inf :) 
Bossy,but still friendly. Shes a natuaral born leader. 
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Sweet, nice and fun 
I am very nice to talk to and I love my husband, Robert and my girls Sabrina ( the oldest ) and Sadie ( the youngest ). 
Her favourite colour is turquoise. She's quite polite. She's a good girl, who sticks to her morals. She tries not to be quick to... 
Jessamine is playful, fun and creative. Her personal sports is netball. 
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Hi! Nice to meet everyone! Please chat! I love to talk. 
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