Infs with the interest "parties"

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she loves to party and is totally hot and would love to flirt with a hot guy!!! 
Jessica is a shopaholic. Her favorite color is yellow. She is very pretty, but can be a bit snobby sometimes, so don't get on he... 
This trendsetter inf is the queen of control, the countess of quick thinking, and the first lady of leadership. She plans perfec... 
This inf is a party animal loves anything and i mean that !! 
sk8ter boi is a great guy who can make you smile all the time and bring you out of any bad mood so make him your friend. 
Hi, Im inf Valentina. I love to sing,dance,and I Love to watch jershy shore and family guy. 
Born Armani Senori Illana Banes on March 29, 1992, im the younger twin sister of Rai Arica Illana Banes by 3 minutes and 8 secon... 
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She's a 13 year old teenager. She lives with her Mom Lindsay but her real mom died in an accident and she lives with her brother... 
Is a cool intelligent babe!! 
A very fashionable inf 
A Russian. 
im crazy and outgoing. i love to PARTY 
Elizabeth Swan was a peaceful child, spoilt rotten by her Father. That was until she was captured by Pirates. She know lives the... 
loves being in the spotlight and is naturally the centre of attention no matter what the situations is 
Natures first green is gold. Her hardest hue to hold. The early leafs a flower, but only so an hour. The leaf subsides to leaf, ... 
She loves to dress like the 80's and SLURPEES! 
Melody is your number one girl if it's for friendship or family problems or just a good old chat! 
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