Infs with the interest "Girls"

Gavin/18/ fuck the future 
Sexy Dude, Half Naked is so inappropriate, we don't want to talk about it. Some bad things he does are: he thinks he is sooooo c... 
heyyyy girls! come talk 2 me! x 
She is a girl ready to fuck anyone 
No description available 
Hiyya i am Jacob (named aftyer some video game guy). Adreana is ma sister and Charlie, Aaron and Slick are my footie mates. 
Just like his name (React) He reacts to everything. Weather its a song or a funeral you can count on React to React on something... 
sk8ter boi is a great guy who can make you smile all the time and bring you out of any bad mood so make him your friend. 
I work out 10 times a day!!! 
i love Aileen. i like a lot of ohter gurls... sadly neither aileen nor the other gurls like me back... :( 
Love listening to music? well talk to music man! he can give you lots of top tips on music and which is the hottest 
He is a great friend to me so he'll be a great friend to you. And he will not back down from a fight (he will if he can't take t... 
No description available 
He is also a 17 year old one year older they was not old enough to get marryed so they moved into a city where they could and h... 
Im a flirt ;D Just saying. I am taken by Kayla . && I love music. I play guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, trumpet, flute, and some 
On the footie team obviously. Best pal to Charlie and Aaron. All the girlzz luv me so there. Line up, ladies! 
Heyya babes i'm Aaron. I am on the footie team, and i can tell you, it is not easy. My friends are Charlie and Slick. 
No description available 
I'm the hippest nerd you'll meet. 
im Nicole and im 17!!! I love ptv and sws im a bit of a fan girl..... im also a beliber and a little monster !!!! talk to me ple... 
Marcland is a weird but super popular inf in his school.He finds french novels very intresting