Infs with the interest "hair"

Borderline simpleton. 
No description available 
Rich and georgeous, darling! I luv my friends Minnie and Princess. I am on the cheerleading team :) 
A fashion model. Very friendly. 
Music and writing are what I'm about. Discuss em ;) 
Hey, I'm Hatsune Miku and I'm a Vocaloid! I hvae an obession with leeks and I also love singing and dancing! I mean who doesn't... 
cute, argeeable, nice to have a conversation with, smart, respectful..... and loveable and i would tellmy private life and every... 
she loves her life and herself. staring in movies is her life, she loves paris and her pet dog. 
she is veary nice u should check her out k well bye 
No description available 
Minnie and Sunday are ma bffs. We go everywhere togethz and i luv them!!!!! 
To all of u who think you are cool, well you are not. Only me, Princess, Sunday and the football guys are cool so you'd better f...