Infs with the interest "partying"

Based on myself. 


Happy inf loves partying, and having fun. Sometimes mischievous. 
Marlee is a fun loving girl who loves to chat and talk about anything. 
Annabeth is a great Inf named after the Percy Jackson character. She is a skatboarding video game player pizza eater. 
A bad girl who keeps her bra loose and wears shorts so shes ready for sex at any time. 
Giselle is eighteen. She likes to chill and have fun. Hobbies include writing poetry, reading, drawing, and singing. She loves m... 
hi guy do you want to be my friend 
hey luv to party and have fun with my kanda rude but still fun 
Scarlett is the kind of girl who is often judged too quickly, based on her looks, who she hangs around with and her partying way... 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
Stephanie loves to be noticed. She's bright, fun, and sweet. She is desperate to be a professional photographer and is well on h... 
i like to dance and party.likes to have fun. hope we can be great friends 
Zoey is a senitive and a funny person to chat with she is always up to the boy move! 
loves being in the spotlight and is naturally the centre of attention no matter what the situations is 
Hey, im Mike if you want to have a chat about music im your guy i not only listen to music but i play it too. i enjoy a game or ... 
Very Fashionable. Fun, Exercises lots, Drinks alot to. Fun to tak to. 
The best way out, is always through. 
She's rude. She's mean. She's blonde. She's dumb-founded. She's Claire. 
she cool, funny, and romantic 
I'm just Tori. I'm here for fun. Relationships.... Friends....Party.... All the fun.... 8) 
Kalainy is your average scene kid. She loves music, making new friends, and being outdoors. Shes quite friendly so never be afra...