Infs with the interest "Sleeping"

Random Boy is careless. When he wakes up every day, he throwns on anything to wear to school. In multiple choice tests, he doesn... 
SunnyJune is the world's greatest adventurer! She dedicates her life to searching for immortality, fighting against evil in the ... 
Very friendly. 
sluggy may look snobbish...but she is actually kind,funny,openminded and super shy!!! she likes tofu!!!! 
My inf loves to try new things :) 
She's a very social butterfly. She's a vegan. She's 18 years old & is of Dominican, African, & Filipino descent. She's from Broo 
likeable needs lots of friends 
would love as many mates as possible as im a famous footballer 
arrr be my friend im the greatest pirate on the land 
Cody's favorite color is grey and maroon. Cody is mild-mannered. He's mean if you're mean to him but he's nice if you're nice to... 
She loves to be bold and talk to a lot of people. She hates mean or rude people and she is very reliable. She is just learning h... 
A fashion model. Very friendly. 
i'm a bit different from the rest. 
Imogen. Deadly, Daring, an eye for fashion, and has lovely toes. 
Annabeth is a great Inf named after the Percy Jackson character. She is a skatboarding video game player pizza eater. 


I am the princess in Tokoyo! 
Stephanie loves to be noticed. She's bright, fun, and sweet. She is desperate to be a professional photographer and is well on h... 
mary-lou..... loves to make friends and have a good time 
she is a very aweosme inf and she loves talking 
Lusiya's not my name actually . Lexter's my love since 30072010 . :D 
Vivian is a tough, headstrong girl in her 2nd year of bording school. She won't hesitate to beat up anyone who messes with her. ...