Infs with the interest "Life"

This inf is a party animal loves anything and i mean that !! 
My site: And my russian inf :) 
hay watz up hit me up and i am not doing nun just chillin you now 
Shakira is very down to earth and always finds the best things about life. She found her inner self and she loves life. =) 
Music and writing are what I'm about. Discuss em ;) 
No description available 
Karma is Lateesha's bffl, but sometimes they get in fights because of Karma's annoying little sisters, Edwina and Eddi! 
Hello i'm hure,rane the nice tiger im not old at all in my years im 8 as a tiger so always be nice to me and ill repeact you too... 
my inf is a rocker she is loveable and can make you laf no matter wat ur going throo she is a great person to talk too and kool ... 
Fashion. Love. Photography. Art. Music. Model. Volleyball 
I'm Chuan , & i'm really nice if you get to know me :) 
Lila is a playful writer who is always looking for fun. 
I'm a student, I love photography and music. I can sing and I love taking pictures. I bring my camera everywhere I go! 
I have a steady girlfriend so back off ladies. Her name is Glamazon. 
No description available 
Lissy,buubly,fun theres always a party around lissy miss popular miss sweet LOVELOVELOVE 
He's emo... 
Enjoy the silence is very friendly and always happy to chat with people and make new friends. She might seem a little shy when y... 
Electric Blue is likes the color blue and is ELECTRIC 
Is a modern girl that loves music, Quantum Physics & beer. She is bilingual & her biggest aim is to become the first "official I 
Addicted to sarcasm, music, her piano, sugar, and books. Likes her computer a little too much.