Infs with the interest "listening to music"

HEY LOOK IT'S ME!!!! Wells, if I were an inf, this would probably be me. Awkward but awesome. ^_^ So you want to know about me, ... 
No description available 
I am a great teacher for kids (10+) 
Hey! What's up? I'm Lizzy! I'm 13 years old. I am a famous singer and song writer!Tell me to sing and I will! I love all my fans... 
Loves. To. Party. XD 
She tells the best jokes ever!!!!! 
Hey add me cause i will make you laugh if anyone is punky then add me!!! 
Totally talented, loves meeting new people, super friendly! 
Edward is in love with infBella and his enemy is infJacob. 


Mei is doing everything she can to best cope with everything life throws at her. 
My Inf loves to go shopping i Paris. Ashley is going out with Taylor Lautner :) 
This is my Inf Bree. Bree loves to read and listen to music. She doesnt have very many friends...yet. I tried to make her look l... 
Eiden is Graciella's twin sister 
Graciella is Eidens twin sister 
No description available 
Shy and reserved when you first talk to her, but later she'll get cold and a bit bad-tempered. Loves rainy days and eating choco... 
Im a flirt ;D Just saying. I am taken by Kayla . && I love music. I play guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, trumpet, flute, and some 
No description available 
Eleanor ;) is happy, fun and slightly sarcastic, have a go at talking to her, you might have a few common interests, oh and she ... 
She's pretty and knows how to handle people. She can solve lots of problems and is always the peacemaker. She loves to watch act... 
Kiba is a gentle goth boy. He wears his individuality like a shield.