Infs with the interest "tattoos"

Gavin/18/ fuck the future 
i love Aileen. i like a lot of ohter gurls... sadly neither aileen nor the other gurls like me back... :( 
Just your average punk rock chick, she got spunk. And lots of it! 
Melissa hates everything. 
Sammi is a scene girl. She loves talking about music and fashion. She is 16 years old. (: 
just your average guy. be nice and he'll be nice too. touching pisses him off, and guys with beer bottles cant be that harmless.... 
Hey, i'm rebekah's brother so don't mess with her or ur face is gonna be in the ground..well i like sword fighting with my siste... 


This is my real life self, well except the tattoo :) 
Every sentence Devil says has the word DEATH in it. She hates everything and is gerally miserable. She is DEAD ! BEWARE DANGER B... 
No description available 
im more reserved than others... lol. but i still like vicky. xD shes still my friend.