Infs with the interest "fashion"

I am a trendy chic who is actually outgoing, very friendly and sweet, smart and liable. 
bold,edgy,qlam,ready. hatee fake people & im pretty real . qet to knoww me ; 
art is something that all culturs are engaging through she loves art and has an eye for styleshe has two triplet sister that loo... 
Blonde hair, big glasses, strawberry t-shirt, black leggings and flip flops! 
Meggie is a friendly, caring girl with a big personality. Very fun and sociable! 
Rocsie is an outstanding inf who loves acting someday she hopes 2become an actress o and she loves attention 
hello my name is alisaa my girl inf loves to dress up and go diffrent places to PARTY!! she wears sunglasses coz she thinks its ... 
hi i am sophie I love gymnastics and music it is one of my hobbies.i am also a fashion lover i love claires and camden it is a... 
No description available 
i am funny , cooooL , stupid [good way) , GOR - juss , && AMAZ - inq !♥ 
A young college student, just beginning her life outside of high school. Fashionable, funny, and feisty. 
Jessica is a shopaholic. Her favorite color is yellow. She is very pretty, but can be a bit snobby sometimes, so don't get on he... 
Lucy~Lou X is a simple Goth girl who likes to cat . she is quite hard to understand and teach to but please feel free to try ! 
He is super fruity but he's strait.Every girls best guy friend 
Very friendly. 
Borderline simpleton. 
Wants to be a "Populer Inf" has a bubbly attatude, and a soft mushy side for cute boys but she gets angry about alchol puposes. 
HI im a fashionable girl single and free and loves sports 
polite and nice 
Bossy,but still friendly. Shes a natuaral born leader. 
Hiyya, i'm Camille. I am Joannes sister, but you can see that :)