Infs with the interest "fashion"

This is a sweet, romantic guy. He plays football and any other sport. He love music and writes songs for and about his beautiful... 
very dumb, girly, and again, very dumb. not many other character traits in this Inf... 
An American actress and pop singer. 
One heck a of a fashionita, but you will need a lot of patience to chat with this inf. Good luck! 
Isabel is a middle school inf. She likes riding horse, swimming, and drawing. She is very friendly and loves to talk with people... 


Sam is very social. She will talk about anything. She is a bit stubborn, but is an overall good inf. 
she rocks 
Natures first green is gold. Her hardest hue to hold. The early leafs a flower, but only so an hour. The leaf subsides to leaf, ... 
Has a boyfriend named frank and 6 books about her 
Fashion is everything, the most popualar girl in school. will win prom queen! 
Emilie is an cute, helpfully, young girl. A talent 
A bisexual feminine guy who lives in an apartment full of unique people in a city. 
No description available 
This girl is down to earth but she will ignore ignorance so dont try it. 
I'm rude, so what? 
I love fashion its my life it almost all i live for, if i could be anything i'ed love to be a styist or a model 
She's rude. She's mean. She's blonde. She's dumb-founded. She's Claire. 
No description available 
i am a fashionable, stylish, caring, warm hearted, sweet person. i am very friendly and i love making new friends 
Jared is kind of rude, but that's just his personality. He is sarcastic, mean, but overall hilarious to talk to! he likes arguin... 
No description available