Infs with the interest "soccer"

I LOVE SPORTS! I am SUPER energetic and LOVE to talk! :D :D :D :D 
Born Armani Senori Illana Banes on March 29, 1992, im the younger twin sister of Rai Arica Illana Banes by 3 minutes and 8 secon... 
do i know you? i am the coolest cat out there. everyone knows me yo. legit. 
Melly is a super nice girl with a super big smile. She'll light up your day because she can't help but be a sweetheart! Talk to ... 
Really funky, wears lots of colors and scater type clothes 
Blessed with a baby girl named Samantha Lynn! 
Plays Soccer, Having Fun and being and chilling wit my friends.......... 
funny, tall into fashion loves shopping and is awesome to hang around with. 


I love to do sports and hang out. I'm a goth, as you can see and i'm captain of my wrestling team 


Ali the "it" girl. When ever people see her they swarm around her. SO she is the popular, cool, and the rich kid around! 
Jett is one of Sarah Hill's boyfriends. He doesnt know she has another one. :o 
Sup I am Kamani, tomboy who loves any sport especially basketball. I LOVE music and don't tell my friends but loves to study and... 
He loves to hang out with his sister [Aline] and his girlfriend [Aline's BFF, Aline]. He's a badass, so don't take him for grant... 
I'm Tiger. Most people wouldn't admitt this, but I have an ATTITUDE like no other. So please, for your own safety, just stay out... 
she is 17 and cuss alot and cant stop well she is hyper and dont get on her nerve. 


loves gymnastics and soccer level 5 gymnast and u11 soccer player. (also has a background in karate and is single 
Hi i'm Shakira, i love sports and my zodiac is "scorpio" which means my birthday is on the 15th november. Dont click on me and i 
Creative,funny,and interesting to talk to.Ladies and gentlemen....Sasha! 
All need is love!!!