Infs with the interest "fun"

Sexy, Hot, Naughty, Fun, Funny, Will always love you! 
yo i think im soo awesome dat i broke lolade's heart yeah 


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i love nater buty and just because somone is not smart does not mean you should laghf if you do you are never gonna be a trustab... 
An Inf based of the creator she'll teach it to be like her 
This inf is a party animal loves anything and i mean that !! 
Sweet, nice and fun 
This Inf loves anime, manga, and video games. Just like me haha! She also loves writing, photography, and dirt bikes! Like me he... 
Dani likes reading, art (especially drawing), writing, photography, singing, and chocolate! :) Please excuse her if the things s... 
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Rich and georgeous, darling! I luv my friends Minnie and Princess. I am on the cheerleading team :) 
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Heyya babes i'm Aaron. I am on the footie team, and i can tell you, it is not easy. My friends are Charlie and Slick. 
fun peppy unpredictable spunky 


very funny inf 
A very fashionable inf 
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Celeste is just Celeste