Infs with the interest "boys"

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She is the Sexy weird chick usually in a corner of a room. 
HEY LOOK IT'S ME!!!! Wells, if I were an inf, this would probably be me. Awkward but awesome. ^_^ So you want to know about me, ... 
she is preety is 16 is a candy eater 
She is a very calm person and loves talking to her new friends.And she loves cooking for them as well.SShe has a boyfriend call... 
She is a girl ready to fuck anyone 
i love boys so call me. bright colours are my thing and everything else is on my list. 
The coolest inf around. Bow down. 
she is like a tomboy yet still is a girl =) 
Hiyaa!! I am Miranda Lawson. My parents named me after some video game, and my life is like a video game too. Luv ya Minnie, Pri... 
well she is just like me! so if u talk 2 her u talk 2 meh! yeah and i'm a little dumb so that means she is 2! BYE~* 
Hiyya, i'm Camille. I am Joannes sister, but you can see that :) 
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She tells the best jokes ever!!!!! 
Hey add me cause i will make you laugh if anyone is punky then add me!!! 
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I have pictures but their on my meez media box so if you want to see them my name there is xxmizz_jazzixx 
hi im megan im 13 years old and i love boys and i like to make new freinds so if you want to make freind with me just ask to be ... 
Just your average punk rock chick, she got spunk. And lots of it! 
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No description available