Infs with the interest "computer"

Hey! What's up? I'm Lizzy! I'm 13 years old. I am a famous singer and song writer!Tell me to sing and I will! I love all my fans... 
Jessamine is playful, fun and creative. Her personal sports is netball. 
(In Working Process) (Pokemon basic # known 2) (By Jacket) I'm A Pokemon Nerd. Love of Pokemon is my passion. I know all sorts o... 
hiiii im a derp! well not really but still you get the point right right? okay then! 
Vanessa had 11 years of sweet life... 
A total couch potato, the TV is her first love, but sometimes/occasionally, she tries her best to become more active. 
Brittany's sisters are Brianna and Jakayla. Their cousin's name is Micaela. Brittany is a fashionista. She would do anything for... 
I love exitement, love horses I have ridden for about 2 months In real life I have 3 siblings,brown hair brown eyes and im prett... 
hi im eitan and i love tech stuff 
Amazing,Outstanding,Courageous,Kind,and very thoughtful not a dense person 
Its an Inf. 
No description available 
I am 16! I love to party! 
Im a very sweet girl.I just got married.I am romantic,confident,nice,sweet.I am a scorpio.My real Name is isabella.Im a really q... 
i love justin beibers new song love me.I am a masive horse lover, 
im very nice 
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