Infs with the interest "ice cream"

Anna, belive it or not, is Candy`s sister! she is in love with grady and Grady likes both Candy AND Anna. 
My name is Lily Wonderful. I come from a very happy place. Ask me "How can I eat healthier?" or say "I don't feel well" (if yo 
It is a Tiger. It has Cute little pink bow. and a nice brown collar. Stripes. It's Orange. It has Pink nose. and it has white ... 


hey ppl, inf amy is cool she loves to skateboard she is a tomboy (im a tomboy a little)she cool,sweet,cute, and funny so chat wi... 
I'm inf Emma and I'm sorta obsessed with ice cream, you could say. 


No description available 
A very friendly inf, who sometime was a human. Likes making friends. 
Sarah is a five-year-old girl who is cute, but very annoying. Sarah likes the sound of some words she doesn't even understand, s... 
Krayley hates justin bieber. she has alot of style and friends. her fave color is purple and black. 
A sweet five-year old. 
My name is Ana Maria Detagle' Monee. I love music and Pizza. I'm down to earth and i'm friendly. Let's be friends! :) YAY 
Jasmin is a casual 18 year old who likes ice cream. 
No description available 
Lissy,buubly,fun theres always a party around lissy miss popular miss sweet LOVELOVELOVE 


Made By ~ Ashes 
Lilly is a fun-loving girl who loves to chat. She also loves to read, and figure skate. 
addicted to punk rock music, loves to design own clothes, has a major sweet tooth