Infs with the interest "black"

My inf's sisters are all my other inf's. Her age is 15 and shes very sassy her sisters call her the Sas Master 
Sweet, nice and fun 
Just like his name (React) He reacts to everything. Weather its a song or a funeral you can count on React to React on something... 
Hey add me cause i will make you laugh if anyone is punky then add me!!! 
Gothic Pnuk chic who loves Rock music!! 
Goth who models for dress up games 


Ivy`s a vampire who just recently found her twin sister olivia and has a boyfriend named brendan 
Melissa hates everything. 
Everything should be heavy and black! 


Hot hottie with a girlfriend named Fiona 
hi. i'm jamie. i'm goth, but have a warm friendly inside.i'm fun, cute, and nice. have fun with me! 
Eric is Karin Hana Chu's Ex- as in ex boyfriend now Eric is just all bad and stuff not really the nice guy he used to be though ... 
this is newton, he likes black and white 
Karma is Lateesha's bffl, but sometimes they get in fights because of Karma's annoying little sisters, Edwina and Eddi! 
I love music, especially rap and rock I love bacon and fudgge I love Paramore And VAmpires and werewolves-not twilight though... 
I'm Jo3 kills you know why because im jo3 and i kill people MWAHAHA i'm that scary woman you see the shadow of and you think a... 
I am smart, nice, but I have a mean side. I'm a little gothic punk that has a weird personality, and easy to talk with. 
yo guests, i am Bentley. i like rock tattoo's and the color black 
punk rocker. I wanted to see how popular a inf with a punk rock style would be like 
Suzanna loves fashion and loves to wear black ND pink and she is also single her creator loves to be emo 2!! 


Sweet girl who enjoys talking to people.