Infs with the interest "cars"

Gavin/18/ fuck the future 
No description available 
This is Brian. He's a cool American senior in high school. He's the hippest kid you'll meet. :) 
lives for rock 
I know you know U-Bot but this is better than U-Bot because it's smarter,faster,more high-tech and a lot more better 
my name is nimo everybody. i am super chill and i have a guitar. i can play on my guitar 
Well, I have NEVER had a boyfriend before. I think its because most people find me intimidating. I have alot of male friends but... 
Ask you about her wealthyness, her mansion, how many rooms that are in her mansion, and ask how if she's rich and how much money... 
Feel free to talk, am here for u. i will protect you 
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This Inf likes Music/Art also cars! And as you can see she likes pink! She also has a boyfriend named Tank. 
He/She is a little bit ignorant but more chatting will make it better 
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hey people 
I reside in Forks, Washington. My life is a bit chaotic. 
Hot tempered, competitive, protective, athletic, a natural clown, plays the guitar, interested in aircraft mechanics as well as ... 
Cute, nice, civil, fun, nice. 
I love to talk add me for i will always accept! 
The teenage inf. 
Lily is a talkative soul, out for a good time! She is a unique girl and is interested in cars and fashion 
I´m Lidia, a student of Ponte dos Brozos