Infs with the interest "playing"

My inf is now easier to talk to 
No description available 
i like having a laugh but sometimes i'm very serious i also like waking people up 
Abigail's yet the cutest of all my infs! 
She may be pretty and popular, but shes also polite and bright! So come on and join the fun! Vote, add and talk with her and i w... 
She's a Style Girl and she wants to make friends and socialize and shes friendly 
I respect ppl,I keep secrets and promises,I have fun wth ppl, and I am nice to ppl 
Amilia... A diamond girl, that is full of love and happiness. Smart and loves fashion , willing to hold great conversations. Bes... 


I am the princess in Tokoyo! 
Nice & Sassy at the same time ~ Loves to play fun games & loves animals ~ :) 
Avid singer, dancer and all around bubbly person, Lulu is caring and kind. She loves animals, bakes eats tons of candy and lives... 
Hes funny,cute,smart,and nice!You will love talking to him. 
No description available 


Cute nice generous and helpful 
Very nice, sarcastic, and loves her hobbies. 
No description available 
Is a stripper and plays guitar... 
nice cute and swett and she loves dogs 


Jez is a really special kind of girl. She likes to get what she wants and is very conceited. She can be a bit sexual at times an... 
A cool, and collected Inf who follows her dreams and words. 
I love chatting ,playing,swimming,playing all sports,singing,dancing and acting!