Infs with the interest "food"

XLolaX is a stunna :) 
SoSo can be into her self at time but is caring. Watch out for her snappy come backs because they will get you:) haha. 
Mika is a fun loving, smart girl. She likes cats, the colors pink and blue and she enjoys music. 
Jo Jo is my first Inf. I've been working on her for the longest, but she also probably has the most glitches, because I made her... 
Lorri is a huge tomboy who loves skateboarding and being a rebel. She can be quite me and doesn't like to talk a lot but hopeful... 
Very friendly. 
all very good well behavied lovely to have them by Eleanor 
hello neeners! im hope i like to talk to people on and swim 
Sweet, nice and fun 
BARBIE loves her self and all her friends she loves her new boyfriend BLAINE and still friends with her ex KEN 
Im a flirt ;D Just saying. I am taken by Kayla . && I love music. I play guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, trumpet, flute, and some 
On the footie team obviously. Best pal to Charlie and Aaron. All the girlzz luv me so there. Line up, ladies! 


Hiyaaa! I don't have much time to write this as i am on my way to footie practise. Thats right, i luv footie. I don't really hav... 
i'm a bit different from the rest. 
This is Judy, she's a nerd who loves cats. 
No description available 
Ask you about her wealthyness, her mansion, how many rooms that are in her mansion, and ask how if she's rich and how much money... 
Ellen is a nerd. She dosen't care. A lot of people make fun of her and she dosent have any friends. 
Edwina is overshadowed by her girly, preppy, smart, twin sister, Eddi 
The cute little Assistant Librarian at the Fuilteach School of Fighting and Magic, she's a little naive and her accent is hard t... 


Hi I'm Jay. I live in the US. Just so you know when we are in a conversation, I need people to spell things out, just so I can g...