Infs with the interest "etc."

I'm a fun, preppy girl who just LOVES music :) 
Hi there! I'm new and totally love this game but im using this page for stardoll reasons! 


Zoe is pretty hippy. She loves guitar, writing, reading, and chatting. She has a boyfriend, Oliver. She's vegetarian. She would ... 


A very good listener who likes to hang around cool people that like to talk. 
He doesn't have a very good english, so forgive him if he talks nonsense things. ♥ 
haaay~ how ya doin?? xDD chat wit meh~ 
This inf is very famous...she is Shakira! She is one of the best singers, and she has great style! She is very nice to visitors,... 
No description available 
Is a stripper and plays guitar... 
Mrs. Yogo may not be rated good, but shes got some mad skills!