Infs with the interest "reading books"

I am a great teacher for kids (10+) 
I´m a student at Ponte dos Brozos in La Coruña 
I´m a student at C.E.I.P. Ponte Dos Brozos. 
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I´m student at CEIP Ponte Dos Brozos 


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Georgette is interested in everything and anything. She is passionate about music and art, but always finds the time to crack op... 
I'm a student at "Ponte dos Brozos" 
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No description available 
I like reading books most of all. I spend all my free time on it. But why talk about me? Let's talk about you! Have you heard an... 
My inf is funny, shy, nice, pretty, and loud with her friends 
He is a cool, handsome and fun teacher from England. He is working in China now. His class of monkeys made him look strange! 
I love TYGIRLZ & Hannah Montana! I'm kinda EMO..... 
English teacher at CEIP "Ponte dos Brozos" in Arteixo, La Coruña (Spain) 


She likes having friends and also talking to them a lot