Infs with the interest "Writing"

I adore the great God, Cauliflower. I also like to read, write, sing, dance, and be awesome. 
A very intelligent inf who loves learning and writing. She wants to become a novelist and child psychiatrist so she may help kid... 
Star is a very passionate person who loves music and making new friends. Not to forget ice cream! :) 


Hey :D 
A modern, cool inf. Very scene and talkative. She can sometimes have a little attitude, but that's just her. She also might have... 
highly goth, yet highly lovable. loves reading, and wants to be an author. a passionate reader, her talent for writing is impeca... 
Hey, I'm Ecila! I'm 15, and I love to make friends. 
Chloe is nice, friendly, and if you be her friend, she will try her best to let the friendship last forever long! 
No description available 
Loves. To. Party. XD 
Sweet, nice and fun 
I'm a young free spirit taking my time in the world. I like to explore. Don't you hate when people are too scared to try new thi... 
Hi, I'm Aila. It's so nice to meet you! :) I'm a total bookworm at heart and I love to read! Please stay and chat ^^. 
Heyyy!!! Sakura here! Luv ya Guys! :) 
She's a very social butterfly. She's a vegan. She's 18 years old & is of Dominican, African, & Filipino descent. She's from Broo 
I am a very energetic person and I love to just talk. 
funny, cute, trustworthy, weird 
It may seem like Cleo's always just standing there, but as soon as you close your browser, she runs off, reading books, drawing ... 
She is a girl who is 11 and she loves to talk 14 talk. 
Hi, Im inf Valentina. I love to sing,dance,and I Love to watch jershy shore and family guy. 
Dani likes reading, art (especially drawing), writing, photography, singing, and chocolate! :) Please excuse her if the things s...