Infs with the interest "Emo"

i am funny , cooooL , stupid [good way) , GOR - juss , && AMAZ - inq !♥ 
Just like his name (React) He reacts to everything. Weather its a song or a funeral you can count on React to React on something... 
Lexabella is a normal emo chick. Fun loving she may be she was thrown out of school for well skipping class to much. She is a po... 
Megan is an Average Teenager. Loves Punk Rock music and has an attitude. 
Kind of emo and likes teressa alot! 
Kristoff is a fun loving emo boy. Who is very protective of Lexabella his girlfriend. But is always looking for some danger. He ... 
Jared is kind of rude, but that's just his personality. He is sarcastic, mean, but overall hilarious to talk to! he likes arguin... 
Tell her your feelings/problems she'll try to understand. Blue would love love love to talk to you! She adds in jokes sometimes.... 
Suzanna loves fashion and loves to wear black ND pink and she is also single her creator loves to be emo 2!! 
Alex Evans is a myspace model. He's very cute. and very very hot. His scene/emo style is very adorable. And he is very very cute... 
No description available 
No description available 
This inf will remain unteached for iternity (NO LIEZ) she looks great tho keep saying "nude" 
No description available 
ELie is a just a sweet, absent minded Inf. Try to be kind to her, she's fragile. 
hey :) lolz im kewl and you can add me :) 
Kpop lover..♥ 
No description available 
Ashley is EPIC and FUN and EMO and loves SCREAMO and her faveorite band is SLEEPING WITH SIRENS!