Infs with the interest "Eating"

Skateboardin chick. loves dancing, skateboardin, chattin and eatin her hotdogz 
A modern, cool inf. Very scene and talkative. She can sometimes have a little attitude, but that's just her. She also might have... 
Very friendly. 
She's her own person. 
She is a 13 year old girl who has a boyfriend called Noah. She is a new-born vampire and is always hungry and loves to feed on h... 
Hi, I'm Skylar. <3 :) I like doing anything that involves getting me out of the house. :D I also listen to music all the time! 
My inf loves to try new things :) 
She is a girl who is 11 and she loves to talk 14 talk. 
Danielle is me. I'm not always nice, but I'm not always mean. 
i like having a laugh but sometimes i'm very serious i also like waking people up 
Eiden is Graciella's twin sister 
Graciella is Eidens twin sister 
Melly is a super nice girl with a super big smile. She'll light up your day because she can't help but be a sweetheart! Talk to ... 
Plays Soccer, Having Fun and being and chilling wit my friends.......... 
i'm a bit different from the rest. 
Music and writing are what I'm about. Discuss em ;) 
Hi im Kourtney and I love to dance. I am a sarcastic Inf and may not be very straight forward with your questions but i would lo... 
No description available 
Yeah. Its me. Maddy here. Sup my home chili dawg biscuits!