Infs with the interest "cheerleading"

I LOVE SPORTS! I am SUPER energetic and LOVE to talk! :D :D :D :D 
Rocsie is an outstanding inf who loves acting someday she hopes 2become an actress o and she loves attention 
heyy evry1! this girl loves every1 and is always kind! 
Olivia just figured out that she has a twin sister named ivy 
No description available 
She's the preppy, popular, hott type. She's tough and really doesn't take anything personaly. 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
No description available 
shes cute,adorable, and sexii also trustworthy she a tomboy 
No description available 
No description available 
she cool, funny, and romantic 
if you watch glee than you know who quinn is 


No description available 
love's music good friend loves puppies brave kind preety 
Carlie is a fashion forward kind of girl. She is very smart and does very well in the classroom. Carlie is new to her class and ... 
Arachnee is cute,nice,funny,and cheerful. She is on the cheer squad and is on Homecoming Commity. She is always looking for a go... 
Beliefs: BELIEBER!!!! (LOL) Age: 15 Fav food: Itallian, candy, speggheti Fav colour: Purple, blue, green 
No description available 
Hi welcome to my inf page!!! although my inf is generally very happy to ask questions please dont ask her any inapropriate quest...