Infs with the interest "Cheese"

Jamie is thhe twin sister of Amie. They both are nice loving girls. She also loves asking questions and stating facts. 


No description available 
A totally ADORABLE inf, just like Minnie. Yep. Thats right. Now, go hug a panda... 
Hey peeps I'm Eliza! I'm a cool casual kid who loves eating,playing video games and all the things a typical girl doesn't like. 
Very chill, laidback; loves good, interesting conversations and definitely not afraid to speak up. A little reckless, a little i... 


This is my real life self, well except the tattoo :) 
Is always happy! Loves cheese and Charlie Bone! 
Hi! Im Lilly - welcome to my page! 
Paul is a very sarcastic young man. I will warn you now that you will be insulted and embarrassed by this man. Please do not tak... 
Abigail tries to be nice.. 
Infelina loves style and always has the latest clothes. She also enjoys web surfing and chatting with friends. She also has a gr...