Infs with the interest "hanging out with friends"

Very friendly. 
Chijiru means "Tiger" in Japanese. Chijiru is epic awesomeness. 
Hi! I love to swim, and be outside! I am a great person to talk to! 
Cool s8kr chik... 
Based on myself. 
I'm a fun, preppy girl who just LOVES music :) 
Amber is a very nice inf. She is 17 years old and is very popular. She is a high school student. When she goes to college, she w... 
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Hey, i'm Brooklyn :) 
i like to dance and party.likes to have fun. hope we can be great friends 
Edwina is overshadowed by her girly, preppy, smart, twin sister, Eddi 
This is me as an inf. 
Vivian is a tough, headstrong girl in her 2nd year of bording school. She won't hesitate to beat up anyone who messes with her. ... 
jamaica is my place and music is my thing ... 
My name is Ashleigh. I'm sweet, but sarcastic. If you get on my bad side, things can get really messy. 
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my inf is a gemini so shes the bad twin, shes also a singer,obessive reader,and a goofball. 
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i love chatting with people 
Inffy is full of life and laughter! She loves to have fun and is a little bit of a flirt...