Infs with the interest "love"

Sexy, Hot, Naughty, Fun, Funny, Will always love you! 
Hallo! What is your name? Come to my workshop,i want to talk with you. 


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Im outqoinq. Love, Chloe 
Cody is a really cool inf. He likes pop music and his fave foods are sushi and popcorn. He cares for any living creature, exce... 
Hey there. Crystal here. I'm an outgoing person and I like joking with people. 
he is in love with many things which is why his name is love :p 
If you feel sad talk to Nurse Love she will make you feel happy again and well so add her today!! 
Love listening to music? well talk to music man! he can give you lots of top tips on music and which is the hottest 
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No description available 
Emma is a super cute fun-loving inf that gets happier easily and is well at solving problems. She is also quite brainy, i suppos... 


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A very good fighter, romantic. She is looking for a boyfriend. If you click her, she think you touch her, and she is sometimes h... 
HEEEY =D I'm meguro . Nice to meet you =3 Im a famous j-rocker andim in love with a certain girl calles sabö. Yees yees she s to... 
She is a 43-year old Italian mother. She can be quite the feisty lady if she needs to. All around, she is a caring, sarcastic, w... 
hello! i am candy! please chat with me! my favorite song is mika - lollipop! soooo cool! :3 please chat :) 
olivia is cute,nice, and someone you would want to be friends with. 
She's Aphrodite's Daughter...literally...but you can call her Venus. I'm warning you, watch out! She's a serious flirt! 
My inf is 16 and has lots of sis's and bro's she is prbaly the pinkieest!!!