Infs with the interest "romance"

Im cool ,cute , awesome to be wit,and talkative.i love to chat with other people.I dance, sing,and model.I play video games on t... 
she loves to party and is totally hot and would love to flirt with a hot guy!!! 
this inf is the cool chick u meet once in a life time !!!! so get ready and go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This inf is a party animal loves anything and i mean that !! 
A very fashionable French Inf. Who Loves Fashion, And the newest Trends. (By Jessie) 
No description available 
olivia is cute,nice, and someone you would want to be friends with. 
She's Aphrodite's Daughter...literally...but you can call her Venus. I'm warning you, watch out! She's a serious flirt! 
No description available 
Melody is your number one girl if it's for friendship or family problems or just a good old chat! 
Evie Autumn lives with her brothers and sisters in a cozy little cottage in a meadow. The children's parents abandoned them in t... 
Is a modern girl that loves music, Quantum Physics & beer. She is bilingual & her biggest aim is to become the first "official I