Infs with the interest "pink"

I am a trendy chic who is actually outgoing, very friendly and sweet, smart and liable. 
Sweet, nice and fun 
Add me if you love the colour pink!! 
She loves pink so much. She is very girly! 
My name is Lily Wonderful. I come from a very happy place. Ask me "How can I eat healthier?" or say "I don't feel well" (if yo 
No description available 
Olivia just figured out that she has a twin sister named ivy 
fun peppy unpredictable spunky 
hello! i am candy! please chat with me! my favorite song is mika - lollipop! soooo cool! :3 please chat :) 
Eric is Karin Hana Chu's Ex- as in ex boyfriend now Eric is just all bad and stuff not really the nice guy he used to be though ... 
My inf is 16 and has lots of sis's and bro's she is prbaly the pinkieest!!! 
Xajuria is very eccentric and dramatic especially with her choice of style and attitude. She sometimes makes things up about her... 
I am Megurine Luka, I am a Vocaloid. I love singing and I LOVE and I mean LOVE tuna!I'm a very nice gal but can be a little bit ... 
Hates everyone cooler then her. that must be why she secretly hates her best friend star 
She is a very horny inf who cares about nothing,but sex. So, if having sex with chatbots isn't your thing, then you'd better fin... 
loves being in the spotlight and is naturally the centre of attention no matter what the situations is 
No description available 
Hi im pinky I luv pink heres a secret that i dont want you to tell anyone: My real name is Doris Pleeeeeeese don't tell anyon... 
Melody is your number one girl if it's for friendship or family problems or just a good old chat! 
Suzanna loves fashion and loves to wear black ND pink and she is also single her creator loves to be emo 2!! 


Sweet girl who enjoys talking to people.