Infs with the interest "Guys"

Funny, bad tempered and has a bad attitude. Fun to be around and loves animals. 
she loves to party and is totally hot and would love to flirt with a hot guy!!! 
Sarcastic and a bit flirty 
No description available 
Hi everybody! I'm Gay Steve! Get to know me :) 
she is fun. she loves punk rock bands. she is very nice and she is popular (she is a cheerleader) 
No description available 
She always feels relaxed and always drinks cofee in the morning and afternon. She likes making paintings.She is secretly in love... 
No description available 
A very good fighter, romantic. She is looking for a boyfriend. If you click her, she think you touch her, and she is sometimes h... 
A bad girl who keeps her bra loose and wears shorts so shes ready for sex at any time. 
Scarlett is the kind of girl who is often judged too quickly, based on her looks, who she hangs around with and her partying way... 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
Music,Friends,Life. ♥ 
She is so awesome! 
This is miku! Ask her dislikes! you might find something in common :D She has a funny joke to share hope ya enjoy bye 
Shes a sassy lil bossy barbie and shes totally popular 
she is nice somtimes to sellfish and a talk alot never stop talking =] 
Just a really stupid, retarded blonde chick. (not that i think all blondes are stupid and retarded, i know its just a stererotyp... 
This inf will remain unteached for iternity (NO LIEZ) she looks great tho keep saying "nude"