Infs with the interest "running"

I LOVE SPORTS! I am SUPER energetic and LOVE to talk! :D :D :D :D 
Smart and beautiful with an angry side 
My inf LOVES to chat! She loves to read, watch movies and wants to have lots of friends! 
I'm an awesome robot. I can beat you at anything. 


No description available 
likes reading. is a very quiet 15 year old. good sense of humor. doesn`t have many friends 
She's a Style Girl and she wants to make friends and socialize and shes friendly 
I'm a small town girl in the big city for another few months. 


I am the princess in Tokoyo! 
she cool, funny, and romantic 
No description available 
I reside in Forks, Washington. My life is a bit chaotic. 
He hates werewolves so if you hate him he'll call you a werewolf 
Leilani is very nice! She travels all over the place, but she's still a bit naive... Help her? 
Shes smarticle. 
Lilly is a fun-loving girl who loves to chat. She also loves to read, and figure skate. 
No description available 
No description available