Infs with the interest "sushi"



The Bf of Roxy. 
No description available 
She rules! Yuki may seem mean but she’s not, she can get real friendly. If you start being rude she will bite you... Hehehe. 
hiiii im a derp! well not really but still you get the point right right? okay then! 
Kindsey likes long walks on the beach and a big plate of sushi :) 
Kaiede is a sushi chef from Tokio. She may be anoyingly sweet and giggle to much but she is acctually very seroius and motivated... 
Kpop lover..♥ 


Brutally direct but surprisingly reliable owner/operator of Books n' things. She is also the author of several published works o... 
I'm weird. And my hair could be described as the color of strawberries. 
There isn't much to say about her :|