Infs with the interest "ice skating"

hi i am sophie I love gymnastics and music it is one of my hobbies.i am also a fashion lover i love claires and camden it is a... 
highly goth, yet highly lovable. loves reading, and wants to be an author. a passionate reader, her talent for writing is impeca... 
My inf loves to try new things :) 
Jillian is super nice. She LOVES reading and gymnastics. Her fashion style is really unique! :) smileandbehappy 
If a cold wind comes your way you will know it is me... I will send a chill up your spine 
She is funny,cute,smart,and nice!You will enjoy talking to her.She has a brother and a sister.She is a bit spoiled but you cant ... 
passonate artist who is crazy over cute things. pretty mello and gets along with anyone 
love's music good friend loves puppies brave kind preety 
my bff is hannah,efe,ruby 
very sweet kind rich pretty was a mode loves hotpink !!!!!drems to be a singer harry potter fan big time loves riding 
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Is a modern girl that loves music, Quantum Physics & beer. She is bilingual & her biggest aim is to become the first "official I