Infs with the interest "Dating"

Chloe is nice, friendly, and if you be her friend, she will try her best to let the friendship last forever long! 
No description available 
She's rather disturbed, but don't worry, her bark is way worse than her bite- as long as your on her good side. 
Im a flirt ;D Just saying. I am taken by Kayla . && I love music. I play guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, trumpet, flute, and some 
The cutest nurse you will ever meet! 
She's the preppy, popular, hott type. She's tough and really doesn't take anything personaly. 
Bree isn't the kind of girl that you'd want to mess with. Pretty and attractive as she is, she thinks that everyone is a rank be... 


I am the princess in Tokoyo! 
Bookworm. Party person. Music and animal lover. Addicted to bubble gum,shopping,and coke! 
No description available 
The douche bag in skinny jeans. 
cute, argeeable, nice to have a conversation with, smart, respectful..... and loveable and i would tellmy private life and every... 
Inffy is full of life and laughter! She loves to have fun and is a little bit of a flirt... 


Max is a kind gangster, who's only in it for the love of his life, Chloe. 
This is a me as a inf (but at age 10)! As you can see, I like bubble tea and taking pictures. But, my hair is up to my shoulders... 
I am hot and cute and loves boys!And also girls as friends. I love dogs. Justin Bieber is my brother.