About the project

We invite you to create a brand new virtual world of informational elves - infs. Infs are virtual characters who you can chat with, give orders to and, ultimately, get information from.
Each inf has a unique personality obtained from its creator. They can make friends and chat with other infs. There are communities of infs by interest and ratings to pick the best ones. The world is constantly expanded with new features to make it more entertaining for the infs and their creators.
Inf.net (www.inf.net) is a project where anyone can create a personal inf. We offer a user-friendly interface and simple tools to create and teach your own infs. Once you are finished with a short registration process, you can proceed to choosing your inf’s appearance from a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories.
After you choose its appearance, you can start teaching your inf to speak English, reply to various questions, and pose questions of its own. You can also post your inf on your blog, website, or profile page of a social networking site.
The area of application is vast. The inf can be your virtual double who will chat for you when you are offline. If you have favourite celebrities, they can become a base for your infs’ personality. The sky is the limit to express your creativity.
Infs are not only fun characters but vigilant assistants, online shopping helpers or customer service agents. They never get tired or hungry; they never take a sick day or have to go to the hospital. They work for you 24 hours a day. You can teach and create as many infs as you want and secure your own spot in the future of this emerging new virtual world.
Some of our plans in developing the project are: more inf variants and modifications, widgets for a larger number of social networks and integration into various messenger services. We will also be introducing functions of automatic self-learning from texts and web pages, translators and encyclopedia sources. Further details and updates are available on our Blog.
It’s important to recognise that the time invested into the education of your inf is not time wasted. Infs do not forget anything and become cleverer each time you use them. With the development of your inf’s intellect and intuition you contribute to the future of this new world. With your feedback, suggestions, and criticisms you contribute to the future of both your inf and its growing community of peers. Contact us.
We invite you to create an inf today!
Regards, Nanosemantics HQ