Infs with the interest "movies"

Kayla is an avid gamer who spends most of her time on the computer. When she's not gaming, she's networking online or watching m... 
She is fun sporty, dramatic, loyal and fun to be around and she is a great friend! ;) :) 
This is Brian. He's a cool American senior in high school. He's the hippest kid you'll meet. :) 
Hi I'm Charlotte! I love partaying and hanging.! and of course i Love pin/purple Doesn't make me a Girly Girl just saying! TTYL 
she is 23 years old, just started living her life and has great people that support her. she is very active nd very smart. she h... 
Chloe is nice, friendly, and if you be her friend, she will try her best to let the friendship last forever long! 
this inf is the cool chick u meet once in a life time !!!! so get ready and go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
My inf LOVES to chat! She loves to read, watch movies and wants to have lots of friends! 
im amazing to talk to, and welcome to answer questions dont get tooo personal! 
My inf Is awesome she's 5ft4 she's a goofy girl soooo not a girly girl.Oh yea click on my Inf click I tell you!! she laughs!! :)... 
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Pretty nice girl. Get to know her better. 
Hey there. Crystal here. I'm an outgoing person and I like joking with people. 
I have pictures but their on my meez media box so if you want to see them my name there is xxmizz_jazzixx 
I am a very energetic person and I love to just talk. 
(In Working Process) (Pokemon basic # known 2) (By Jacket) I'm A Pokemon Nerd. Love of Pokemon is my passion. I know all sorts o... 
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Born Armani Senori Illana Banes on March 29, 1992, im the younger twin sister of Rai Arica Illana Banes by 3 minutes and 8 secon... 
Hi! I like a variety of topics, more than I could possibly list. Look me up and let's chat. If don't know about what you would... 
Um well...Micky is...a girl :)