Infs with the interest "movies"

Friendly, Kind,and generous.You will enjoy talking to her. 
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Im very happy and friendly and love to talk 
I'm a university student specializing in English with a minor in Classic Studies. I've wanted to write since I was five years ol... 
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hiya i love chatting to ppl but not looking for anything to serous  
Hi i'm Gemini, i love movies and riddles. If you want the answer to one of my riddles, type : CUCUMBER!! - and i will tell your ... 
She likes rock alot,she likes samurai swords.She always practice using any kind of swords. 
Fashion is everything, the most popualar girl in school. will win prom queen! 
Emilie is an cute, helpfully, young girl. A talent 
I love to have fun though I can be annoying. I am very nice and friendlier then my other inf friends Magie and Kelly (especially... 


Sha is hilarious! She is outgoing and loves to party! She also loves the beach. Anytime you need to talk to someone, she's ther... 


A very good listener who likes to hang around cool people that like to talk. 
Strange And Silent Type 
Rocker girl who loves art and fashion! 
Fashion. Love. Photography. Art. Music. Model. Volleyball 
Suzanna loves fashion and loves to wear black ND pink and she is also single her creator loves to be emo 2!! 
No description available 
A great singer and a drummer loves life and music and rocks the 5th grade! Who is it? Oh its me Savannah Elizabeth Allred 
Shes is friendly but can get you into trouble