Infs with the interest "movies"

This is miku! Ask her dislikes! you might find something in common :D She has a funny joke to share hope ya enjoy bye 
she is 15 loves to talk she can get a little sassy but she ACT like she all that so be carefull 


Avid reader. Passionate musician. Aspiring writer. Coffee addict. 
cute, argeeable, nice to have a conversation with, smart, respectful..... and loveable and i would tellmy private life and every... 
Fun loving party girl out in clubs all night long!!!! ♥♥♥ xoxoxo Gossip Girl 
Bloo is a Facebook addict. Apart from her love of Facebooking, she also enjoys hanging out with her friends and partying! She's ... 
awesome movie star he was gulliver in gullivers travels and is hosting the 2011 kids choice awards! 
Makenna is kind.She loves music and tv,she is a tennis player.She'd hate to see someone arguing 
Vanilla Valentine is a inf that is actually created after me... So give her a go! I'm editing conversations ALL the time, so my... 
Hi im inf penny and i like the trendy fashons,making friends and learning new words 
No description available 
She's a Japanese girl, just looking for fun! But also, she may look a bit ugly, but it's not about the outside that matters, the... 
Hey there! It's Emoure here! I've been on for ages! and I am really smart, ask me ANYTHING I will answer you truthfully,... 


Keeping it real :) 
världens bästa chatbot, fast du måste fråga mig frågorna på engelska 
I have a steady girlfriend so back off ladies. Her name is Glamazon. 
Nellie is a moody inf but is very friendly to some people 
Lissy,buubly,fun theres always a party around lissy miss popular miss sweet LOVELOVELOVE 
No description available 
Marzipan enjoys talking to people. 
I am sweet, kind, and loving. I just has to be in pink, it's my favorite color. I am into fashion, so I try to have the newest s...