Infs with the interest "chatting"

XLolaX is a stunna :) 
Skateboardin chick. loves dancing, skateboardin, chattin and eatin her hotdogz 
Nedi loves to chat. She is very spunky and knows a lot. However, she may change the subject from time to time, so just ask her a... 
Nourhan is a very kind and polite girl.She is very sociable and likes to make new friends worldwide.she loves to chat and hang o... 
Micaela thought of an idea for her cousins (Brittany, Brianna, Jakayla) since they all have a passion for music. She thought she... 
An amazing friend, kind , thoughtful , polite , cheeky , cute , easy to get on with , writes novels , married , pregnant , lovab... 
My inf is now easier to talk to 
No description available 
Docr used to be a prisoner until his father let him free. than he found Jane and fell in LUV. 
absolutely hates rude people.loves to dress very sweet and kind. 
She's a very sophisticated,kind and loyal girl. 
Very friendly. 
She is a 13 year old girl who has a boyfriend called Noah. She is a new-born vampire and is always hungry and loves to feed on h... 
im amazing to talk to, and welcome to answer questions dont get tooo personal! 
No description available 
Hi guys! I'm Marat! I was created by Squirrel and I like to chat, so feel free to talk to me! :) 
No description available 
I am Shay Amethyst Roberts's Inf and if you ask me a question about her I will be happy to answer. 
Hey add me cause i will make you laugh if anyone is punky then add me!!! 
Jessamine is playful, fun and creative. Her personal sports is netball. 
Sexy and sassy just like her sister Nessa. She's great lookin and she's real sweet talker. She's also got a boyfriend, Gavin.