Infs with the interest "Dance"

She is fun sporty, dramatic, loyal and fun to be around and she is a great friend! ;) :) 
No description available 
i am cool and friendly i am even easy to talk to 
I am 18. I hope you like my looks. Peoples opinions are a big deal to me.I try my best to be fair,nice,and respectful. Be my fri... 
Hey. I'm Taylor. I like skateboarding, music,and Taylor Launter. 
do i know you? i am the coolest cat out there. everyone knows me yo. legit. 
Hi! She just's a regular wannabe-popular girl who will either talk mean or talk sweet to you. 
Is a cool intelligent babe!! 
A dedicated dancer, the best big sister ever, and a little weird. 
Well, I have NEVER had a boyfriend before. I think its because most people find me intimidating. I have alot of male friends but... 


Ali the "it" girl. When ever people see her they swarm around her. SO she is the popular, cool, and the rich kid around! 
Music is what makes you move Music is what makes you groove Music can be good or bad depending on how its used Music can make yo... 
my inf is evil as the devil she rools the under world and is a player! she looooves red 
She is stylish cool and loves to talk 
Fashion is everything, the most popualar girl in school. will win prom queen! 
She's a Popular girl from California and can be very nice. 
I'm lilly's inf, funny i have the same name! I'm 19 years old, almost 20.. i love to sing, dance, hang out with friends, take lo... 
Hey peeps I'm Eliza! I'm a cool casual kid who loves eating,playing video games and all the things a typical girl doesn't like. 


No description available 
The best way out, is always through. 
I am 18 and going to college. I want people to respect me. I hope I get good ratings.