Infs with the interest "music"

I am a trendy chic who is actually outgoing, very friendly and sweet, smart and liable. 
bold,edgy,qlam,ready. hatee fake people & im pretty real . qet to knoww me ; 
Gavin/18/ fuck the future 
A very intelligent inf who loves learning and writing. She wants to become a novelist and child psychiatrist so she may help kid... 
She is fun sporty, dramatic, loyal and fun to be around and she is a great friend! ;) :) 
Apple is a character based off of me. She LOVES smiley faces,a and meeting people.. 
Meggie is a friendly, caring girl with a big personality. Very fun and sociable! 
Star is a very passionate person who loves music and making new friends. Not to forget ice cream! :) 
kassy is cool fun to hang out with, loves skating and is sweet she can be sweeter than she may be and she's mostly into music re... 
Lover of all things cute and gory! 
No description available 
She is the Sexy weird chick usually in a corner of a room. 
She every sweet despite her look 
This is Brian. He's a cool American senior in high school. He's the hippest kid you'll meet. :) 
No description available 
Dave is cool, he likes amazing things he emagines and has his own band he like music he sings also loves to chat 
No description available 
No description available 
Hi, I'm Echo. I like to read and listen to music.. I'm pretty down to earth, but I have my random outbursts. 
Docr used to be a prisoner until his father let him free. than he found Jane and fell in LUV.